Guide to Helping you Find Your Dream Home


When you are looking for that perfect home, it is essential to do your homework. I ask my buyers to use a checklist. With all the countless buying checklists on the

Finding your perfect home is going to take time.
Finding your perfect home may take time so don’t get discouraged if you are unable to find that home right away.

internet today, the checklist I prefer is one developed by actor/writer and Reality TV celebrity Michael Corbett. The purpose of a checklist is to keep you focused on the important items you need to think about during your house search. Please click on this link to view the check list.  Please print as many free copies for your own use.  The Michael Corbett’s Perfect Home check list is broken down into the important categories that you should use to assess your perfect place- such as Price of the homeType of Property(Coop, Colonial, Ranch, multi family)Condition of Property (1-5 best), Must Haves, Should Haves and Location. The list is easy to use, all you do is fill in what you are looking for in a home, and when you visit potential homes all you do is check off the items that the homes have.  There is also room on the

This may or may not be an expensive fix. Always ask a professional.
This may or may not be an expensive fix. Things like a detached radiator should not scare you away from a great find.

list to take notes about the homes that are not on the list.  So at the end of the day after seeing your house choices you can review the lists for each house and your notes to help you determine what homes you would like to see for a second showing.

When you are looking at homes that you have selected for second showings- you will need to be a little more critical of what you are seeing. The second showing list needs to be about a quarter of the homes you saw the first time around.  These second showing will take more time because you will have a more critical eye of what you are seeing. You will need to bring your house check lists to these showings and review your notes and checks from the previous visit.

Finding your perfect home is going to take time.  You may become dissatisfied with the inventory that is currently on the market however if you follow the idea of using a check list you will not be disappointed by the results.


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