The Active Housing inventory for Mamaroneck, NY February 2016

Mamaroneck VFH Post
Mamaroneck VFW post

I want to give you an idea of the amount of houses, coops and condos that are for sale in Mamaroneck, NY as of February 2nd 2016.  This is the very beginning of the spring market so the inventory is very low.

Mamaroneck, NY

Single Family Homes: As of the writing of this blog post there are 65 single family homes active listings in Mamaroneck. Active Single Family Homes.

Coops: As of February 2nd there are 6 active coop listings in Mamaroneck. Active co-ops in Mamaroneck.  

Condominiums: There are 13 current active listing for condominiums in Mamaroneck. Active condominiums

As you can see the inventory in Mamaroneck is low.  Please contact me if you want more updated information or let me know of specific of specific types of homes you may be looking for.  I can also get you information on these places as they become available.  Please fill out the contact form below with your information so I can forward you this information.

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