20 Things You Can Do To Protect yourself and home from Mosquitoes and the Zika Virus

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With spring right around the corner and fears of the Zika virus spreading in Westchester, I have put together some practical ways to minimize your exposure to these unwanted Spring/Summertime pests.

So everyone is clear, mosquitoes start to breed in Westchester after the last frost which is around the first week of April.  So as of the writing (February 8) of this post we have about 8 weeks to prepare.

  1. Try to limit your exposure to these pests by not going out in the early morning or evening. If you need to go out wear long pats and a shirt with sleeves.
  2. Clean the gutters to your home and make sure they drain- a backed up gutter can contain a pool of standing water where mosquitoes can breed.
  3. You will need to clean your yard and throw away if you have unused, plastic sheeting, cups, and flowerpots.  These items can hold water when it rains and create breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  If you need to keep such items wash them with some water and bleach to kill the eggs and larva of mosquitoes. If you need to store flower pots store them upside down so water can not collect in them.
  4. Keep an eye on watery areas such as swimming pools, fishponds.  You can add a bacteria to these items called “bacillus thuringiensis israelensis” that kills the mosquito larva. http://bit.ly/1XbgZvA Or if you own a pool contact a pool professional about what they suggest you should use in the pool to combat mosquitoes.
  5. Fix or replace your ripped and broken window screens in your house on your porch or patio  Or use mosquito netting from Home Depot or any supply store http://thd.co/1SWuIFX.
  6. Use insecticides and spray in the areas where it is needed.
  7. You can use alternative mosquito repellents http://wb.md/1PeWdIj
  8. Get a mosquito magnet http://bit.ly/23QFLG1
  9. Get an electronic mosquito repellent such as this one http://thd.co/1UVz7rT 
  10. Get a bug zapper http://bit.ly/1QO3MGt
  11. Triming hedges and shrubs helps to eliminate places where adult mosquitoes can hide.
  12. Remove and dispose of old tires that can hold standing water.
  13. Use bug spray on your arms and legs that contains DEET: http://wb.md/1W2sSTh 
  14. Put drainage holes in trash cans and recycling containers so standing water can drain out.
  15. Fill in areas in your yard that hold water- use sand, and top soil or contact a landscaper for the best solution to your particular situation.
  16. Fill in Hollow trees and stumps with concrete or sand or remove these items from your yard
  17. Use a bleach and water solution to clean areas where standing water accumulates- Bleach kills mosquito eggs and larva.
  18. Regularly clean outdoor covers for lawn furniture that can collect and pool water with a bleach and water solution.
  19. Fix leaky outdoor water faucets so they are unable to drip and create puddles of standing water.
  20. Keep your trash cans covered in order to keep rain out.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know. Please note that this blog post is not to be used in place of advice from the New York State Board of Health and professional exterminators. If you have been bitten by a mosquito and you have concerns please contact your healthcare provider.

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