10 Great Questions to ask a Home Inspector

Congratulations you have an accepted offer on your home–Wait, before you break out the champagne and make a toast to your new place you have a few steps ahead of you before you close on the property.  So as soon as you hear about your accepted offer you need to contact a licensed house inspector.  Not all home inspectors are created equal, so asking the correct questions at the start may save you time, money and a bunch of head aches. You can find a well qualified inspector through the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). Just so you are familiar, a licensed home inspector is a licensed person who’s expertise is inspecting homes, condos, coops and commercial properties.  Also if you are going to need a mortgage to make that purchase your bank will most likely need an inspection from a licensed home inspection professional.

A qualified home inspector may inspect electrical, indoor plumbing, do a radon test, and inspect for termites to name a few things.  During the inspection the inspector may give idea’s how to remedy potential problems within the home after the closing.  If the house you are purchasing has a buried oil tank or a septic system those inspections are usually carried out by a separate inspector who specializes in oil tanks and or septic systems.

Ok- So you are going to hire a licensed home inspector- Here are some of the questions you should ask them.  Also if you can, get this book Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Home inspections.  This book can answer many question about the home inspection process and it will sharpen your eye for things to look for- This book will not make you a qualified professional.


  1. Do you belong to a professional organization?
  2. Will your report meet state requirements?
  3. How experienced are you?
  4. How do you keep your expertise up to date?
  5. Do you focus on residential properties?
  6. Do you offer to do repairs and improvements?
  7. How long will the inspection take?
  8. How much will it cost?
  9. Can I attend the inspection?
  10. Do you carry E&O insurance. (Errors and Omissions)

If the person you are going to hire satisfies these questions and you feel comfortable then proceed to hire them.

If you have any questions about buying real estate or selling real estate please give me a call at 914-755-9816 or you can fill out the contact form below.

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